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Ernst Bromeis had to stop the BWT Lake Baikal ex­pe­di­tion due to health rea­sons

On 11 July 2019, Ernst Bromeis began his 900-kilo­me­tre swim across the full length of Lake Baikal in order to raise aware­ness of water as a re­source and the re­duc­tion of plas­tic water bot­tles.

He ex­pect­ed to ful­fil his mis­sion with­in two months dur­ing the Siber­ian sum­mer. After 10 days, Ernst Bromeis suf­fered health is­sues and, due to ab­nor­mal­i­ties in his heart rate, he de­cid­ed to can­cel the ex­pe­di­tion.

With his de­ci­sion to swim the en­tire length of Lake Baikal, Ernst Bromeis chose a nat­ur­al set­ting that could not have been more sym­bol­ic. There is no bet­ter sym­bol to raise aware­ness of water as a re­source.

Ernst Bromeis Ernst Bromeis

Lutz Hübner, CMO of the BWT Group, said that with his many years of per­son­al com­mit­ment to water Ernst Bromeis is a role model for lots of peo­ple and BWT was de­light­ed to be his Lake Baikal ex­pe­di­tion part­ner. That he has had to stop the BWT Lake Baikal ex­pe­di­tion on health grounds is a great pity and ex­treme­ly re­gret­table.

"Nevertheless, the state of physical health of our athlete, who is also father of a wonderful family, is much more important than any expedition could ever be."
Lutz Hübner - CMO
Lutz Hübner also points out “that it goes without saying that we still have to act now!” And BWT will not stop to demonstrate against plastic waste and is working daily on perfect product solutions for so called Bottle Free Zones.

BWT and Ernst Bromeis

Sharing the same beliefs

Ernst Bromeis chose us as a part­ner be­cause he rec­og­nised that we were in his team all along. We work each day to raise aware­ness of the fact that water, the elixir of life, is a re­source that ab­solute­ly must be pro­tect­ed. We can­not allow to let the fun­da­ment of every life form on Earth go to waste just be­cause we are un­will­ing to tack­le glob­al prob­lems like water pol­lu­tion or cli­mate change. That is why BWT de­vel­ops and pro­vides so­lu­tions to these prob­lems:


Conventional bottled water is often transported over extremely long distances before it arrives where you are. There is a much better alternative: local water. For planet blue, BWT refines the water on site, reducing unnecessary transport, carbon emissions and plastic waste at the same time. Thanks to BWT’s water treatment solutions, everyone can have the water they want: cold or hot, at room temperature, sparkling or still and mineralized with magnesium. Additionally, consumers can cut their household expenses and do away with the need to lug home water bottles, all while doing their part for the environment.


BWT believes that everyone has a right to clean water. For you, BWT has set itself the goal of ensuring a safe drinking water supply. Whether at home, at work, in the gym, in a hotel or at a restaurant – BWT provides the right water treatment solution. With Magnesium Mineralized Water, we make your tap water taste delicious.
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Ernst Bromeis Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal Ernst Bromeis

Team­ing up with Ernst Bromeis means sup­port­ing us all

There can­not be enough aware­ness for the Lake Baikal Ex­pe­di­tion. That is why BWT did not hes­i­tate to:

  • help out with the com­mu­ni­ca­tion and or­ga­ni­sa­tion of this ex­cit­ing and im­por­tant ex­pe­di­tion,
  • use its strong in­ter­na­tion­al net­work as the water tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­ny to con­trib­ute cru­cial con­tacts,
  • get ready to sup­port the ex­pe­di­tion swim­mer dur­ing his jour­ney, and
  • take care of the nec­es­sary sup­ply of flu­ids with Mag­ne­sium Min­er­al­ized Water.
Ernst Bromeis Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal Ernst Bromeis

Team­ing up, speak­ing up

What Earth needs now is a move­ment where we all make a con­tri­bu­tion to pro­tecting the blue of our plan­et. So, let us start one! Every­one to the best of their abil­i­ties and pos­si­bil­i­ties. We don’t have to be per­fect in each and every as­pect. No­body can do the per­fect­ly right thing 24/7, no mat­ter who or where they are. But we still can do our best. Ques­tion­ing our rou­tines and every­day de­ci­sions. Know­ing that every lit­tle bit counts.

This means, every­one can be­come a water am­bas­sador like Ernst Bromeis. No, that doesn’t mean we all have to swim Lake Baikal. Pro­tect­ing our water in the place where you are is all we ask for.

And, hey, you have a voice! Make it be heard. Use your en­thu­si­asm, your pas­sion, your wit. Tell them! You will make a dif­fer­ence. Be a dri­ving force in your com­mu­nity and help keep our plan­et blue. Water is a cause worth get­ting loud for!