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The man who swims for our lives

Ernst Bromeis

He’s Swiss, he cares for our water, our planet, our future. He uses his extraordinary talents for the good of all of us. Meet Ernst Bromeis, extreme athlete.
Ernst Bromeis Lake Standing Ernst Bromeis Lake Standing

About Ernst Bromeis

His life so far
Ernst Bromeis Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal Ernst Bromeis

Ernst Bromeis grew up in Ardez in Switzer­land’s Lower En­ga­dine, where he at­tend­ed the Rhaeto-Romanic primary school. After his teacher train­ing sem­i­nar, Ernst Bromeis taught at the pri­ma­ry school in Zuoz. Sub­se­quent­ly, he stud­ied sports at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Basel and spe­cial­ised as a coach for top-level sport at Swiss Olympic. As a triathlon train­er, the ex­treme swim­mer worked for sev­er­al years with Olympic medal­ist Sven Rieder­er.

After fin­ish­ing his top and com­pet­i­tive sports ca­reer, he spent years in com­mu­ni­ca­tions as a sports and event man­ag­er at Des­ti­na­tion Lenz­er­hei­de and as an ed­i­tor at SRG/Radio Ru­mantsch. Ernst Bromeis has been self-employed since the end of 2007 and is a full-time water am­bas­sador and bor­der swim­mer for the water sen­si­ti­sa­tion projects of the Blaues Wunder (The Blue Miracle). Be­side his water mandates in the tourism and economy sectors, he is a sought-after mo­ti­va­tion­al speak­er. In ad­di­tion to var­i­ous swim­ming ex­pe­di­tions, Ernst Bromeis is the ini­tia­tor of the UN World Water Week in Scuol, Switzerland. The project of a World Water Cen­tre in Graubünden, Pole of Water – Pole of Life, is his brain­child.

Ernst Bromeis is mar­ried to the the­olo­gian Cor­nelia Camichel Bromeis and fa­ther of three chil­dren. He lives with his fam­i­ly in Davos.

The Blue Miracle

The vi­sion be­hind the ex­pe­di­tions

Mak­ing peo­ple aware of how pre­cious a com­mod­ity our water is. Since 2007, Ernst Bromeis has been shap­ing his pro­fes­sion­al life as a water am­bas­sador and ex­treme swim­mer. What began in 2008 with the first ex­pe­di­tion in the mid­dle of the Alps in Graubünden has de­vel­oped into a mul­ti­fac­eted com­mit­ment in the field of water aware­ness: The Blue Mir­a­cle.

The pro­jects of The Blue Mir­a­cle deal with socio-​po­lit­i­cal, cur­rent and fu­ture is­sues, both in the local and glob­al con­text:

  • Water as a human right
  • Water as a gen­eral liveli­hood
  • Water and its cli­mate rel­e­vance
  • The de­struc­tibil­ity or vul­ner­a­bil­ity of water
The blue miracle
The blue miracle

Ernst Bromeis works to­geth­er with var­i­ous or­ga­ni­sa­tions for a human right to water. The Blue Mir­a­cle is linked to the Sol­i­darit'eau Su­isse pro­ject of the SDC (Swiss Agency for De­vel­op­ment and Co­op­er­a­tion of the Fed­eral De­part­ment of For­eign Af­fairs, DFA) and to the ini­tia­tive for a 2,000-​litre so­ci­ety.

Ernst Bromeis Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal Ernst Bromeis

Pre­vi­ous ex­pe­di­tions

Ernst Bromeis’ pre­vi­ous ex­pe­di­tions as an ex­treme ath­lete:

  • On his first ex­pe­di­tion, The Blue Mir­a­cle – Graubünden 2008, Ernst Bromeis swam across 200 lakes of the Swiss can­ton of Graubünden.
  • Two years later, the ex­pe­di­tion The Blue Mir­a­cle – Switzer­land 2010, he swam the biggest lakes in every Swiss can­ton.
  • The Blue Mir­a­cle – Rhine 2012 was to take him from the source to the es­tu­ary of the river but had to be abort­ed due to med­ical prob­lems caused by low water tem­per­a­tures.
  • Ernst Bromeis com­plet­ed the dis­tance suc­cess­ful­ly two years later dur­ing The Blue Mir­a­cle – Ex­pe­di­tion 2014.


With his de­ci­sion to swim the en­tire length of Lake Baikal, Ernst Bromeis chose a nat­ur­al set­ting as sym­bol­ic as can be. The ma­jes­tic Siber­ian lake is the deep­est and old­est lake on Earth. It con­tains 20% of the freshwater re­sources of our plan­et. There is no bet­ter sym­bol to raise aware­ness for the re­duc­tion of plas­tic water bot­tles. Ernst Bromeis wants all of us to to feel con­nect­ed to the blue of our plan­et.

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